The Colored Waiting Room Museum

Discover the Forgotten Legends: Illuminating Untold Stories of Black Heroes

About Us

Foremost Black History Museum in Richmond

The Colored Waiting Room Museum is a tribute to the countless black unsung heroes who have contributed to our society. We invite you to join us in celebrating the rich and diverse history of black Americans and honoring those who have paved the way for us to have the opportunities we do today. This museum in Richmond is a powerful reminder of the progress we have made and the work that still needs to be done.

We exist to increase awareness of... Read more

Honoring the Legacy of Black History

As a pluralistic institution, we strive to educate and empower visitors through a comprehensive exploration of Black history. Our immersive exhibits and thought-provoking displays offer a glimpse into the struggles, triumphs, and contributions of Black individuals throughout history. From the civil rights movement to groundbreaking achievements in science, the arts, and sports, our museum uncovers the invaluable narratives often overlooked i... Read more

Putting Black Heroes Into the Spotlight

We are a dynamic space in downtown Richmond that honors the unsung black heroes from the Jim Crow era, a time of segregation and exclusion. We invite you to join us in celebrating these individuals and learning more about their incredible stories. Our museum serves as a platform for black history, shedding light on stories that have been relegated to the margins of history. It is an educational and enlightening experience, one that we hope w... Read more

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